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Perfect working environment of equipment

Here, you will enter a first-class office environment. All lighting designs are from our own products.
This is not only a workplace, but also a home for us to rest, progress and grow up.

Competitive compensation and benefits

Salary, five insurances and one fund
Equity and floating bonus

An excellent team full of passion

Here, you will meet a group of the best partners in the industry. We have different backgrounds. There are not only decision makers who are good at calm thinking,
but also action groups who are popular. It is with such team thinking collision that our products can continue to innovate and bring you better lighting experience.

Join us to make the world brighter and better

We are looking for the following positions. Welcome to the Auman family.

Interview Address

Zhongshan address: Oman headquarters, No.38 Hetong Road, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, contact Ms. Chen: 1382279272
Shenzhen address: 3009 Auman Shenzhen Branch, ideal mansion, No. 6, Meikang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen